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Our webpage is getting a update please pardon our appearance as we are re-freshing and updating.

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"Be at peace within ourselves and within all that surrounds us"

Work with me  in person or virtually to transform the look of your home in a way that perfectly fits your style, timeline, and budget. Let’s make it yours.

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North Nine Designs was rebranded and launched in 2020


The original company was PE Designs (pamela eberhard designs) that launched in the Hudson Valley in 1990.

Pamela have been servicing the Hudson Valley for over 30 Years, from Renovations to Interior Design. I truly believe that having a home you love, will transform the way you feel and live.

My design style is simple, comfortable and cozy with a modern twist.

I love to pull pieces from different styles and blend them together to create a clean-lined, laid-back look.

If you are  buying a new home or in need of updating one you own, North Nine Designs would love to help you.

North Nine offers in person or virtually on-line services

Got a project in mind? I’d love to chat with you about making it happen!

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